Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Camp Out

I thought I would be blogging about a finished bathroom, but not quite yet.  Hopefully by next week it will be DONE completely.  Rather, I am blogging about the boys first camping trip.  Our family along with my wonderful cousin Aleica and her family planned a camping trip to Hurkey Creek.  This is near Idyllwild. Our lovely trip started with the camp's welcoming committee coming out to greet us.  Mr. Garter snake and his red ant friends.
Thank goodness they just said hi and went away for the weekend. We were worried for a few. The kids loved everything about this trip.
  They had a blast cooking our meals over the fire and sleeping in a tent.  S'more were the best.  They've had them at the beach but there's something about eating them when you're camping. They're just better. 
The weather at night wasn't the best. The first night we all thought we were going to freeze to death.  It was in the upper 40's.  Doesn't sound that bad but when you're in a tent.. it's bad. 
The boys were able to fish for the first time on this trip too.  They really enjoyed that.  They were hoping to catch our dinner on Sat., but they aren't that good yet. Corey was entertaining our side of the camp ground with his water rockets.  That man can attract all kinds of attention when he has his rockets in toe.  
Over all we had a great time.  Had to accept dirt all over the place and waking up to a frozen nose. Camping is something I have to get use to being blessed with two boys. I think our next camping trip will be in a pop- up trailer at the beach.  That's more my speed. 

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