Friday, April 20, 2012

The move was made and the demo has started

 We made the move, March 26.  It actually went very smoothly.  I was quite surprised.  The kids settled in well and so did we.  The week we moved in, we couldn't wait to start the demo on our kitchen.  We had to wait till Corey's spring break to start.  His first day, the walls started coming down.  Here is a before picture of the wonderful 1970's vintage style kitchen :) 

The demo went smoothly thanks to Brian and his hard work. Thanks a bunch. 
We are replacing everything, including the wiring in the walls and plumbing.  We found wires that were damaged and a leak that could have turned into something horrible if our new cabinets were put in.  That is what you get with an "AS IS" sell.  Thank goodness for a our good friend Kevin who came to the rescue and helped Corey with the wiring.  You are wonderful! We owe you. 
Here is our demo picture.  My hard working husband said that the kitchen will be done by next weekend, April 28. He has been working very hard to get our dusty, unorganized house back to normal. 
We will post the pictures as soon as possible.