Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bathroom Remodel Day 9

Well, we have TILE!!! Corey is finishing up the grout today and hopefully, cross your fingers, we will be able to shower in our OWN shower tomorrow.  Painting may happen tonight and sink and tolite will be put in, hopefully not as our guests are arriving,  tomorrow sometime. 
I am so excited to post pictures of a completed bathroom. This has been a rough job for Corey and possible his biggest. 
 He called it his 8 x5 jail-cell and doesn't want to have to work in there again.  Let's hope not. Here is a quick look at the tile work. 
 Really, I do let him out to go to bed at night.  He also gets more than bread and water for dinner. 
   No, a tile didn't fall out.  That is where our soap dish is going. 

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