Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Decorating

Well, we don't have a mantle but our piano is the closes thing I have to decorate like one. I saw a mantle decorated for summer on my favorite blog, The Lettered Cottage, and I wanted to do something like it on our piano.  I showed Corey this awesome flag and he made one for me almost identical. All you need is 2, 3" firring strips cut down, whatever size you want.  He then screwed them together in the back.  I painted each strip with a water wash of blue and white paint before he screwed them together.  I found the small star fish at a shell shop in Huntington Beach.  They were $1 a piece. And here you go!

 I then saw an idea for scrap material flags that I couldn't wait to make.  
I found quilting scraps at Johann's that were on sale and couldn't pass up.  The flags are just dowels cut in thirds.  I then attached squares fabric pieces to the dowels with small rubber bands. I want to make more for the 4th of July!

So this is my summer mantle/piano. 
I added a finishing touch of an old apple sauce jar filled with pebbles and a candle.  The other side of the piano has a hurricane filled with shells and a candle as well.

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