Saturday, May 14, 2011

Zebra Party Complete

Decorations are down, food is all eaten, and memories have been made.  My niece Krysta's 21st birthday party is over.  I had such a joy planning this event with my sister-in-law Melissa.
The challenge of having a budget for the party was the best party.  I love doing a party on budget.  We started with ordering the invitations from, my favorite place for invitations.  We also ordered stickers to make cupcake toppers.  They were all under $15 dollars.  Flowers were complements of Costco.  We only had 2 bunches of flowers and turned them into 4 table top decorations.
We then purchase many items from the Party Barn and Fabric Barn in Long Beach.  We used zebra print wrapping paper as table runners, zebra gift bags as center pieces along with signs made from my computer to put into the bags. All under $40.  That also included plates and table clothes. 
After searching for ideas online, we found at, these adorable tissue paper pompoms.  The hours that were spent on these really made the party sparkle.  My nephew's girlfriend is now quite the expert on pompom making. 

When guests arrived, they were asked to guess how old Krysta was on the tree of pictures. It was a cute way to get the guest involved in the party.
Found this adorable zebra dress at Sugar Plum Craft Show.  Couldn't pass it up. Party decoration amount totaled around $100.  Food was the majority of our budget. 

Food was wonderful.  Pasta for dinner and a decadent dessert bar for dessert.  Decadent it was! Everything was homemade expect the birthday cake.  We had to stop somewhere.
Devils food cupcakes with marshmallow creme filling.

 Lemon curd and blueberry trifle 
 Cinnamon and vanilla popcorn

 Cookie dough cake balls
 We also had a fondue station which for some reason didn't get its picture taken.  That was the hit of the party. 
Garden Vegetable and Garlic Chicken Alfredo Pasta

 One last decoration, a 21 made out of picture of Krysta.
The party's over but the memories will last forever.  I have found by doing this that I really would love to pursue party planning.  I loved every minute of doing this.  My niece was concerned that I was put out by it all.  Not one bit.  It was a joy to do this for such a wonderful young lady.  
Happy 21st Birthday Krysta :)

Party Planning in The Making

A while ago my niece asked if we could host her 21st birthday and help her plan it.  I was so honored that she wanted me to help.  Her theme.... Zebra print.  I couldn't wait to start shopping for it.  Today my sister-in-law and I started the process at a place called the Party Barn in Long Beach and I fell in love! It had everything a party planner could ask for.  And then next door..... the Fabric, more like ribbon, Barn.  HEAVEN! 
    I thought I would give you a taste of what we bought today to make the decorations.  So many ideas are flooding my brain!  I can't wait to post the final products.  

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  1. Everything looks amazing Leanna!! Krysta's lucky to have such an awesome aunt!!